New Hill Rd Library

Sunday, December 3, 2017 –

12:00pm to 2:00pm

Imagine…a new East Ventura library! Ventura County Library is pleased to announce the grand opening event of the new Hill Road Library in Ventura. This special event will include:

  • Library information and tours
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 12:30 pm
  • BBQ compliments of Ventura Downtown Lions Club
  • Performance by the Rubicon Harmonix
  • Fun for the whole family

Ventura County Library Website:

VC Star Article:

Sidewalks Update

Remember our grant proposal for sidewalks in our community that would insure safe travel to school for Montalvo Elementary students?  Check out the map here: MMCsidewalks

We are still waiting to here the final decision, but our proposed project tied for highest score in the county!  Read all the details here:

Item 09 – Active Transportation Program Cycle 2 Call for Projects Update and Information on Advancing Funds for ATP Project Design and Construction


MCC Community Meeting 10.11.16



Ventura Police Department

Terry Medina, Watch Commander
Desk line (805)339-4325
24 years of experience including undercover narcotics and detective work for property and street crimes

Criminal activities during the past 30 Days (as of 10.11.16) in Montalvo area:
7 Property thefts from vehicles-  Most vehicles were left unlocked
3 Auto thefts-   At least one vehicle had keys left in car
1 Assault-  At the carwash on Seahawk
1 Homicide-  At the business centre on the south end of Alameda, all subjects currently in custody
1 Search warrant served-  Related to an August stabbing homicide on Whipporwill

There are only 6 officers on duty at any given time for the whole of Ventura City.  Measure O on your November ballot is a 0.5% sales tax meant to address clean water/beaches/street repairs/safety measures.  If it passes, the police force will be able to increase the number of officers available.


-Please report any suspicious activity to the non emergency line as often as needed
(805) 650-8010
-If you have issues with people living in vehicles or storage units near your home report to Ventura PD and call Code Enforcement
(805) 658-4711
-If a person comes to your home claiming to be a salesperson ask to see their city ID, as it is required that they have one if they are legitimate
-Join Nextdoor Montalvo and make reports.  This site facilitates neighborhood watch.


Ventura Water

Joe McDermott

Ventura is in its 5th year of drought.  We do not receive water from the state, but maintain our own supply at Lake Casitas (30%), Ventura River (30%) and through ground water (30%).  We are currently in stage 3, which requires a 20% reduction in water use.  

Until February of 2016 Montalvo operated an independent water treatment facility.  That plant will be demolished in the near future, and all residences in our neighborhood are now on the Ventura Water grid for sewer.  When we were an unincorporated section of the city we only paid the city for water, while our sewer bill was incorporated into our property taxes.  By July of 2018 our Ventura Water bill will look like all others in the city, and will contain both water and sewer fees.  You can expect your Ventura Water bill to approximately double what you’re currently paying.

One important tip was shared: Your water rate is determined by the average use of water from December 1 – March 31.  After April 1 your rate is set for the remainder of the year, and won’t be calculated again until December.

If you’d like to lower your water bill, you should consider removing your grass and replacing with drought tolerant plants.  There is  $2 per square foot reimbursement program.  Check it out at

Building Heights

Are you curious as to why the MCC is so concerned about limiting the heights of any new buildings in and around our neighborhood?  Take a look at the photos below, and notice how out of scale this new two-story building looks next to an existing single story residence.  Can you imagine another story on top of that?


More importantly, check out the view from inside the office building.  The MCC is concerned about the intrusive nature of this kind of construction.


Here are two more examples of ominous and imposing structures encroaching upon single family residences in Saticoy.  The buildings below are both 3 stories in height.


If you want to have a say in the future of Montalvo, find out more about how you can help here: General Plan Refinement

General Plan Refinement

The future of our Montalvo neighborhood is in jeopardy!  We are facing potential development along Victoria Ave, at the Bristol shopping center, and in the commercial and industrial zones on the South end of Grand Ave (near the post office, Carbide Saw, storage units, etc). Refinements to the General Plan will go before the City Council on

Monday, 9/12/2016 at 6pm

The MCC has poured over the section of the general plan which directly affects Montalvo, and boiled it down to the following issues:
Building height limitations for any new construction in and around our neighborhood
-Protection of privacy for single family homes
-Protection of access to sunlight
-Protection against adult-oriented businesses
-Protection against hazardous waste, and/or excessive noise

The MCC Board has drafted a very specific letter to the City Council making clear their requests for height limitations, and other important issues.  You can read their full letter here:


If you’d like to voice your concerns please postmark, email, or deliver your individual letter to the City Council no later than
Thursday, August 25th, 2016.
You may use the sample letter below, or write your own.  Please contact the council if you would like an editable version of the sample letter

SAMPLE LETTER: ResidentSampleLetter

Councilmembers may be contacted via
telephone at 805-654-7827
mail     501 Poli St, Ventura, CA 93001

A great way to help our cause is to show up to the Council Meeting on Monday, September 12th to:
   – Sit in the audience
   – Fill out a pink Comment Form
   – Fill out a green Speaker Form to speak to the Council yourself
   – Fill out a green Speaker Form to donate your speaking time to another speaker

If you have questions or concerns please contact the MCC or comment below.

If you’d like to contact a councilmember directly, see their email addresses below
Mayor Erik Nasarenko
Deputy Mayor Neal Andrews
Councilmember Cheryl Heitmann
Councilmember James Monahan
Councilmember Carl Morehouse
Councilmember Mike Tracy
Councilmember Christy Weir