VPD and Homelessness in Ventura

At the MCC Community Meeting on 6/5/18 Ventura Police Department presented the following information.


Panhandling Alternatives

24/7 Assistance Hotline
Dial 211

A presentation made by VPD to the Ventura City Council on 4/16/18 can be viewed here:

Safe and Clean – Addressing Homelessness and Chronic Vagrancy

We’ve Grown!

At the 06/05/18 MCC Community Meeting, the vote was unanimous to expand our current MCC boundaries to match that of the upcoming Voting District 6. We look forward to new ideas and participation from expanding our membership. Additionally, after the November election, we will have a city council member who represents District 6 and our specific needs and concerns. We hope to host District 6 candidates in a future MCC Public Meeting to meet and answer your questions. More to come!

MCC 2018 Bounderies

Find out more about the new Ventura voting districts coming later this year!

City Of Ventura Montalvo Map

The NEW Voting District 6 includes ALL of the current Montalvo Community and expands east to Montgomery Ave., including part of the current Serra Community
per the City of Ventura Neighborhood map:
The green area is the previous unincorporated Montalvo area
(prior to September 2012)

Ventura Planning Communities Map_Montalvo


MCC Community Meeting (3/20/18)

03-20-18 MCC Agenda
MCC Community Meeting (Open to the public and neighboring communities)
6:30pm – 8:15pm
(**not our usual Four-Square Church meeting place**)
Seed Communities Church 2734 Johnson Dr., Ventura, CA 93003

6:30p Welcome
6:35p-7:00p Ventura Police Department Presentation/Update
– District 6 Crime Report  (SEE BELOW)
7:00p-7:30 Ventura City Council Member Speaker – Christy Weir
– Various issues, including New Voting Districts (Montalvo District 6) & in Pipeline Projects in our district (Johnson Dr.)
7:30-7:50p Discussion on Future Montalvo Community Council Boundary Expansion
based upon the New 2018 Ventura District-Based Election Map
7:50-8:00p Upcoming General Plan Changes  It’s finally here!
-Discuss highlights the proposed General Plan Refinement updates for the Victoria Corridor & Montalvo Adoption By Ventura Planning Commission/City Council
Coming This Spring!
Please read the MCC response to the upcoming
2018 Ventura General Plan Refinement
8:00-8:05p Montalvo Recycling Fundraiser – Dan Farmer
Montalvo Recycled Aluminum Drive (MRAD)
8:05p-8:15p Wrap Up
May 1st Next MCC Public Meeting (Tentative)
MCC Zone 6
New Ventura Election Map Zone 6 (& proposed Montalvo Community Council boundaries)


Montalvo Community 2017 Highlights

January – Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 1/24/2017
Presentation by Mr. Peter Goldenring for proposed project for a Starbucks Drive-thru near the north-west corner property of Victoria & Moon (where DW’s Country Cafe currently is). Followed by Q&A DW’s Country Cafe currently is). Followed by Q&A

Mr. Kim presented his proposal for a Senior Care/Dementia Care facility at south-west corner (3 parcels) of Alameda & 8th Street. Followed by Q&A

Some passionate Montalvoites later attended the City Planning Commission Meeting

February –  Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 2/28/2017
Cpl. Munger of the Ventura Police Department will be gave us a crime update on the area. We asked about how Neighborhood Watch works.

Presentation by Dave Ward, AICP City of Ventura Community Development Planning Manager to present info on the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance (ADUs) which replaces the “second units” ordinance. Followed by Q&A

March – Montalvo Sidewalks Funded!
The city of Ventura’s proposal for a “safe route to school” in our neighborhood has been funded to the tune of 1.38 million dollars.

May & June – Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall 5/11/17 & 6/15/17
Some passionate Montalvoites attended the Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall and spoke before the commissioners.  They expressed their concern about the possibility of a code change that would allow-drive thru establishments within the Victoria Corridor.   Noise and light pollution, increased traffic, loose trash, individuals loitering, and CO2 emissions were some of the points addressed.
At the June 15 meeting the MCC Board was pleased to hear the passing of a motion which will:
1. Allow for drive-thru establishments (food and services) in the Victoria Corridor by Conditional Use Permit only.
2. Protect the existing Moon Drive Overlay by not allowing any drive-thrus along this section of the Victoria Corridor.

June – Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 6/6/2017
Commander Payne of the Ventura Police Department will be gave us a crime update on the area.

General Plan Refinement Proposal for Montalvo & Victoria Corridor (latest iteration) presented by Ventura Planning Staff. This issue will be going to the City of Ventura Planning Commission most likely in July, and to City Council in September (it has not yet). This also included height requirements along The Victoria Corridor.

Ventura Community Development Director Spoke about the AutoCenter Specific Sign Plan with Video Presentation and Q&A discussion.

July – Water Rate Increase 7/1/17
Rate increase form Sewer Service now being provided by the City of Ventura

September – New Hill Rd. Library Opens

September – Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 9/5/2017
A representative from Ventura Public Works made a presentation and answered questions regarding the proposed water well (Mound Well No. 3) project behind the church. The attendees had a brief site visit. We were later invited to a the running Saticoy Pump some weeks later for a site visit. Water Well Information

October – Administrative Hearing for Mound Well No. 3 At City Hall  10/17/2017
Some passionate Montalvoites attended the City Hall Meeting to voice their sound and safety concerns for the project. Water Well Information

November – MCC Shares City of Ventura’s District Map Proposal 11/26/17
Public Hearings at City Hall 12/4/17 & 12/11/17
To be discussed at December’s MCC Community Meeting

December – MCC Annual Community Meeting 12/5/17

New Hill Rd Library

Sunday, December 3, 2017 –

12:00pm to 2:00pm

Imagine…a new East Ventura library! Ventura County Library is pleased to announce the grand opening event of the new Hill Road Library in Ventura. This special event will include:

  • Library information and tours
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 12:30 pm
  • BBQ compliments of Ventura Downtown Lions Club
  • Performance by the Rubicon Harmonix
  • Fun for the whole family

Ventura County Library Website:

VC Star Article:

Sidewalks Update

Remember our grant proposal for sidewalks in our community that would insure safe travel to school for Montalvo Elementary students?  Check out the map here: MMCsidewalks

We are still waiting to here the final decision, but our proposed project tied for highest score in the county!  Read all the details here:

Item 09 – Active Transportation Program Cycle 2 Call for Projects Update and Information on Advancing Funds for ATP Project Design and Construction