About the Montalvo Community Council

Taking their cue from the 1960’s Montalvo Civic Improvement Association, the MONTALVO COMMUNITY COUNCIL formed in 2014 in order to protect and insure the future of the Montalvo neighborhood in Ventura, CA.  Currently the MCC is working with the city on projects such as acquiring grant funding for sidewalk improvements, well-planned growth and development along the “Victoria Corridor,” and increasing neighborhood pride.  Check out the recent posts to the right to learn more about this wonderful community, its residents, and its long history.

Mark Abbe, Chair
Cassie Lawhead, Vice Chair
John Richey, Secretary
Betsey Holt, Treasurer
Dan Farmer, Member at large

Want to know the details?  Read the bylaws here:  Montalvo Bylaws_Final Draft (1)


One thought on “About the Montalvo Community Council

  1. MCC Board, On the MCC letterhead, please include the officers names, office and contact information, possibly along the left margin. Thanks, Richard Sweet, 2165 Grand.


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