Mound Well No. 3 (Montalvo Project) UPDATE

At the last MCC public meeting we mentioned we would share the latest on this project.
Any questions, please reach out to Don Nielsen directly.

From: Nielsen, Don []
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 11:36 AM
To: John Richey
Cc: Dejarme, Chris; Holt, Iain
Subject: (External):RE: Mound Well No. 3 (Montalvo Project)

Hello John,

You are correct in your assessment that many of the City’s projects were put on hold due to the Thomas Fire, which has resulted in us not being able to make substantial progress on the project; this in term resulted in no new updates being sent out. At this time, the approval document is still being updated to incorporate the changes as required by the hearing officer and pending the revised site plan. I do know that Public Works did go to the City Council to request the funds for the project – this does not mean any building permits have been issued, it is just funding.

In terms of the noise issue, the Administrative Hearing Officer placed a new condition on the project which requires that the project demonstrates compliance with the City’s Noise Ordinance (SBMC Ch. 10) and the Industrial Performance Standards (SBMC Sec. 24.470), and which ever one is the most restrictive shall apply.

If you have any other questions, please let me know.

Donald Nielsen

Associate Planner
City of Ventura
805.654.7560 f

From: John Richey
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2018 10:52 AM
To: Nielsen, Don
Cc: Dejarme, Chris; Holt, Iain
Subject: Mound Well No. 3 (Montalvo Project)

Good Morning Don,

I was hoping you could give us any updates we can share with the Montalvo Community in regards to any updates or the questions/concerns raised during the public comment portion in the Administrative Hearing for Mound Well No. 3 At City Hall 10/17/2017. I imagine and understand that the Thomas Fire has possibly tabled many projects for a time.

I was in attendance at that meeting, and sound concerns for the pump (not addressed in the 2017 CEQA Report) were raised to staff at that time with no answers available at that time. We were advised that if we wanted updates concerning the pump noise levels, updated CEQA report, etc, we could reach out to you. I have your card in hand from that meeting. I was also told by some residents who made requests to you post meeting, they have yet to be updated. I am requesting that I be added to that information distribution list for this project, and that if you can, please share any updates/findings so we can keep our concerned community updated. Nor can I find a recording of that meeting on the city site to share.

We’ve had no new info to share since September 2017:

Thank you,

John Richey

MCC Community Meeting (3/20/18)

03-20-18 MCC Agenda
MCC Community Meeting (Open to the public and neighboring communities)
6:30pm – 8:15pm
(**not our usual Four-Square Church meeting place**)
Seed Communities Church 2734 Johnson Dr., Ventura, CA 93003

6:30p Welcome
6:35p-7:00p Ventura Police Department Presentation/Update
– District 6 Crime Report  (SEE BELOW)
7:00p-7:30 Ventura City Council Member Speaker – Christy Weir
– Various issues, including New Voting Districts (Montalvo District 6) & in Pipeline Projects in our district (Johnson Dr.)
7:30-7:50p Discussion on Future Montalvo Community Council Boundary Expansion
based upon the New 2018 Ventura District-Based Election Map
7:50-8:00p Upcoming General Plan Changes  It’s finally here!
-Discuss highlights the proposed General Plan Refinement updates for the Victoria Corridor & Montalvo Adoption By Ventura Planning Commission/City Council
Coming This Spring!
Please read the MCC response to the upcoming
2018 Ventura General Plan Refinement
8:00-8:05p Montalvo Recycling Fundraiser – Dan Farmer
Montalvo Recycled Aluminum Drive (MRAD)
8:05p-8:15p Wrap Up
May 1st Next MCC Public Meeting (Tentative)
MCC Zone 6
New Ventura Election Map Zone 6 (& proposed Montalvo Community Council boundaries)