Public Hearing re: Drive-Throughs

Did you receive a notice like the one below?  There will be a hearing Wednesday, 5/11 concerning the development of the Victoria Corridor, which borders our neighborhood on the West.  We are still waiting for official approval of the change from T 4.9 to T 4.5 zoning.  Now we are looking at the possibility of drive-thru establishments that could impact the noise level and traffic in our community.  IMG_2750.jpg

ADDITIONAL DRIVE-THROUGH ESTABLISHMENTS on or near Victoria Ave. would be allowed once again if the Planning Commission approves changes to the Victoria Corridor T4.9 Zone at its upcoming meeting.

Concerned with potential negative impacts to the quality of life for residents of the Montalvo Community, particularly those who live on Alameda Ave. and Moon Drive near Victoria Ave., the Montalvo Community Council (MCC) Board has taken a stand to substantially oppose the proposal coming before the Planning Commission this coming Wed. May 11th at 6PM at City Hall (Council Chambers) to change the Victoria Corridor Code from not permitting additional Drive-throughs to new use standards that would:

1) Allow drive-through facilities for Drive-Through Retail or Services to be permitted by right (By Right).

2) Allow  Dining Establishment: Fast Service, Drive Up to be permitted with a Use Permit (Conditional Use Permit).

In response, the Montalvo Community Council (MCC) Board voted at its scheduled Tuesday, May 3rd Board Meeting to approve the following policy position:

“Regarding Proj-8366, the Request for an Ordinance Amendment to change the T4.9 (General  Urban 9) zone standards within the Victoria Avenue Corridor Development Code:

1)  We are opposed to the provision that would allow drive-through facilities for Drive-Through Retail or Services to be permitted by right (By Right).

2)  We are opposed in part to the provision that would allow Dining
Establishment: Fast Service, Drive Up to be permitted with a Use Permit (Conditional Use Permit).

In particular, we are opposed to permitting Drive-Throughs within the T4.9 zone adjacent to any residential areas, whether for Retail or Services or for Dining Establishment: Fast Service, Drive Up.  We believe Drive-Throughs are a use that is incompatible within, adjacent to, or nearby to Residential Areas.  We believe Drive-throughs create an increase in traffic, litter, air pollution, noise pollution, and light pollution (after dark).  We believe this to be undesirable in close proximity to residences.

For T4.9 zone areas that are not adjacent to or within 200 feet of a Residential zone, we believe a Conditional Use Permit should be required for any type of Drive-Through establishment.  (This includes Drive-through facilities for Drive-Through Retail or Services, and Dining Establishment: Fast Service, Drive Up).

Furthermore, we believe strongly that Drive-Through/Drive Up uses should not be “permitted by right” anywhere within the T4.9 zone of the Victoria Avenue Corridor.”

Montalvo School Carnival


On Friday, April 22, the MCC spent the afternoon at the Montalvo Elementary School Carnival!  The goal was to connect with Montalvo neighbors, and give them information about our council and its current projects.   We enjoyed some fresh popped popcorn, and burritos from Chipotle.  It was great to talk with those of you who stopped by, and see families out supporting their school.   Go Lions!


This is a model of how shade will fall on the Alameda Avenue homes that back up to the Victoria Avenue properties if the city allows for a 45 foot building height.  In this model you can see that with the current plan the backyards would be in complete shade by 2:50pm during the winter months.

Prop. Victoria Corridor Profile- Exhibit A

The MCC is working to protect the sunshine for those residences.  This is their proposal, which requests 12feet per story maximum as opposed to 15 feet.  Every foot counts when you’re trying to save the sunlight!

Prop. Victoria Corridor Profile- Exhibit B

If you have questions or input please join us at one of our monthly meetings, or email us at

Zoning and General Plan Revisions

On October 28, 2014 the City of Ventura made a presentation to the Montalvo Community Council regarding their proposed changes to the Zoning Regulations and the General Plan.  You can read through their presentation here:


On December 4, 2014, after several meetings and much discussion, the MCC offered this response:

MCC City Zoning Rebutal_Final 12-04-14

As of 4/20/2016 we are still waiting for a response from the planning commission. If you have questions or input please join us at one of our monthly meetings, or email us at


Victoria Corridor

What is the Victoria Corridor and why does it matter?

Victoria Corridor MAP GP2014

The Victoria Corridor, seen above, is a section of Victoria Avenue that has been marked for development by the city.  The MCC is working with the City Planning Commission to insure that the Ventura General Plan is compatible with the existing Montalvo neighborhood.  The concerns for the MCC include but are not limited to increased traffic, loss of privacy when multi story buildings have a direct view into the backyards of the homes on Alameda Avenue, and loss of sunlight caused by the large shadows cast by the  tall buildings.

This is an excerpt from the city website:
“F. Victoria Avenue – currently a wide artery with high traffic volumes and shopping centers, Victoria needs effective traffic management and pedestrian and streetscape improvements with strong attention to additional mobility options. Actions in this General Plan, along with the new Development Code, will call for revitalizing this corridor by redesigning the current array of single-use shopping centers and retail parcels with a mix of building types, uses, and public and private frontages. By eliminating “big box”, mega-block, auto-oriented strip development, and the traffic patterns it generates, Victoria Avenue could create tremendous opportunity for healthy economic investment in walkable blocks, connected to better serve surrounding neighborhoods. Creative solutions, including dedicating transit or streetcar lanes, wider sidewalks, and bike lanes could transform Victoria’s image into a regional thoroughfare of great and sophisticated diversity. All new commercial development within the Victoria Avenue corridor must follow this approach.”

MCC Boundary

What area does the MCC represent?

MCC Boundary Close Up

Prior to June, 2018 the MCC only represented the section of the neighborhood which was annexed in 2012, seen above.

Historically the Montalvo neighborhood has been marked by a much larger boundary:

Montalvo Scope  Pink

Ventura  Areas Low

After the City of Ventura adopted a new District Based Elections map at the end of 2017 discussions began to expand the MCC borders.  On June 5, 2018, following a unanimous vote at the MCC community meeting, the bylaws were amended to reflect the same boundaries as Voting District 6.


MCC 2018 Bounderies