R-1, Low-Density Zoning

Monday, July 17, 2018, the Ventura City Council (finally) voted to accept or shoot down the General Plan Refinement process that’s been going on and off since 2014. The Planning Commission voted it down last April and it was now before the City Council to accept or reject.

The MCC Board feared that if this Refinement Plan was voted against, our efforts over the past 4+ years would be for not; and we could not revisit this again until the 2021 General Plan community engagement process. Which could be in another 3-5 years! In the interim, our community would have a target on us for developers to come in and possibly build condos, apartments and other types of higher density housing next to or in place our current single-family homes. The Board decided to force the City Council to hear us in a final attempt to address this issue. It was a gamble and we needed our little community to rally, but it kind of worked!

The Bad News- We did not get the 36’/45’ Victoria Corridor height restrictions we hoped for. Those were voted against 4-2. At this time, it appears that that issue will be revisited during the community engagement process for the 2021 General Plan. It’s not dead, it’s going into a long hibernation!

The Good News- The Council agreed 6-0 to accept our request to correct and protect ALL Montalvo Neighborhood residences currently zoned  R-1 (Single Family Residential) need to be matched with the Land Use designation of Neighborhood – Low Density (0 – 8 dwelling units per acre). &  All Montalvo Neighborhood residences currently zoned R-2 (duplexes) need to be matched with the Land Use designation of Neighborhood – Medium Density (9 to 20 dwelling units per acres). This will match the current zoning to the corresponding land use designation in the Montalvo Annexation area. All 200+ homes that were at risk are now protected! A huge victory for Montalvo!!

Other victories…

1)  We have heard that this was the most letters sent in on a single issue before this City Council in memory.
2)  We now have R-1 properties adjacent to the commercial zones. This will hopefully strengthen our positions for the Alameda residents about height when it comes up again.
3) The city council heard us loud and clear about the height concerns on the Victoria Corridor. Future (costly) commerce studies will need to be completed and civic engagement with our community will take place prior to 2021 General Plan. So… we’ll need you all and more to rally again when that time comes!!

Thank you to all who wrote in. It truly helped our cause! We also had folks come down and support the speakers and fill out additional comment cards. But most importantly, were those who spoke passionately, eloquently and clearly on our behalf. We owe them a huge debt! We definitely made a presence at this meeting! 

Want to hear what they said?? Click this link to the video –>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOYcSEOQDp4

I tried to edit down the 3+ hours meeting to ONLY the Montalvo sections. If you have :24 minutes, please watch your neighbors speak to the council (the first half of the video). If you want to see the Council discuss and later vote, continue watching. Total video is 0:55 min long.

THANK YOU to everyone who lent their time, voices, emails, etc helping us on this important cause over the past four years. It is a reminder that as a community they may try to wear us down, but we are stronger & louder when we band together! They heard us!

District 6 Election



​Candidate Orientation Meeting
​Monday, July 16, 2018
​8:30 a.m. – City Council Chambers
​4:00 p.m. – Community Meeting Room
For additional information, please click here.

​Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (805) 658-4787 to RSVP

More information on the Nomination Period

November 6, 2018

Beginning in 2018, the City of Ventura will conduct our first District-Based Elections.  Ordinance 2018-001 was adopted on January 8, 2018 changing the City of Ventura Election to a District-Based process. The 2018 Election will be Districts 1, 4, 5 & 6.  Districts 2, 3 & 7 will be held in 2020.

Unsure what District you reside in, open the Interactive District-Based Map.  Enter your address in the search box to display your District Number.

For election questions, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 805-658-4787.

General Plan Update, Monday, 07/16/18 6p

We NEED your help NOW!

We had all hoped this would all be behind us by now!
The city council agenda for next Monday was posted today. The Montalvo Community Council has just learned that the The General Plan is once again (unexpectedly) before the Ventura City Council as Agenda Item # 9 (2021 General Plan Update).  If you are opposed to the recent scale of Island View Apartments adjacent to our single family homes, and would like to prohibit similar growth in the future in our neighborhood, we invite you to attend the City Council Meeting this coming Monday.

Item 9

Item 9d.jpg

At the Planning Commission Public Hearing on 04/11/18, the General Plan Amendment Case No. GPA-2-18-43787 lost 6-1 and appeared to be shelved for the unforeseeable.
(see previous post) Prior to this, the Montalvo Community Council had been working for over 4 years with the City Planning Staff and City Council; and we thought we were at the finish line and getting about 90% of what the Montalavo Residents were asking for.

Want a quick refresher on this whole Montalvo/General Plan subject? 
(see the MCC response letter to the city from 2014)

How Can You Help?? Its Very Simple!
Just let your city council members know how you feel
one of these 4 ways. Remember, they represent & work for YOU!

1) Attend the City Council Meeting Monday, July 16th, 6pm

    A) Fill out a GREEN SPEAKER CARD if you’d like 3 minutes to address the Council  or
    B) Fill out a PINK COMMENT CARD if you’d rather not speak.
(you can leave after you’ve done this without having to stay for the whole meeting)

2) If you cannot attend the meeting
    A) Please call or email your city council at 805-654-7827 or by sending an email
             (by Sunday Evening 07/15/18 so the council members have time to read it)
    B) Hand deliver your letter to the City Council Secretary by Monday 07/16/18, 3pm

Keep your message short and simple. There are two main things we as asking for.

(Sample Statement. Please feel free to “borrow”)

RE: City Council Meeting 07/16/18 – AGENDA ITEM 9

If the city council decides at this meeting, that they want to postpone the General Plan Update(s) until 2021;

1) We ask that the council direct staff to adjust the current Land Use Designation Map to match the current Zoning Map for the Montalvo Annexation Areas as soon as possible (prior to the 2021 General Plan). Specifically, categorizing existing single family homes as R-1/Neighborhood Low. This would let prospective developers know the long term land use intent for this area is NOT for Neighborhood Medium (condos/apartments) development.
[Simply, the Historic Montalvo neighborhood needs to remain R-1/low density.]

2) We ask that the council direct staff to adjust commercial property overlays (Including CPD, MPD, M1, T4-5/8/9-Victoria Corridor Zones) within this area, to have a maximum allowable building height of 36′ south of Moon Drive; and a maximum allowable building height of 45′ north of Moon Drive (as a transition), when the properties are adjacent to existing R-1 single family dwelling units.
[Simply, any future development adjacent to a single-family residence needs to have a maximum height of 36 feet.]

The previous times the Montalvo Community has addressed this item before the City Council, our requests have been generally supported and staff had been given direction by this council to honor our requests. We would like to close this chapter of our community’s 2012 annexation, and not have to continue to drag it into the years to come awaiting the 2021 General Plan to address these concerns.

Thank you.

cc agenda.jpg

If you would like to be emailed about various upcoming city meetings, you may sign up to be automatically notified here. Just select the items you are interested in.

Here is the fine print if you don’t want to follow the links.

(Pages 13 & 14)
Part Four: General Plan Refinement Project

On May 9, 2018 the Planning Commission passed a resolution recommending denial of the General Plan Refinement project and not to adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration. Actions recommended for denial included the following components: 1) Amendments creating distribution of residential options in Commerce and proposed Mixed-Use designated land use areas; 2) General Plan and Zoning Amendments for Victoria Avenue Corridor and Montalvo Annexation area to address land use and neighborhood compatibility; 3) resolution of inconsistencies between the General Plan and Zoning; and 4) Amendments to the 2014-2021 Housing Element, Our Prosperous Community Chapter and Our Well Planned and Designed Community Chapter of the General Plan. After consideration of public testimony and deliberation during a lengthy April 11, 2018 public hearing, the Planning Commission could not make the findings for recommending approval due to the following points:

  1. Inadequate public process and civic engagement,
  2. The scope of the GP Refinement poses more significant policy considerations that need to be incorporated into GP Update; Infill Principles to be revisited as part of the visioning process for the General Plan Update,
  3. Request staff to contact individual property owners of inconsistent parcels from GP Refinement Correspondence per April 11, 2018 and Sept. 12, 2016 meetings,
  4. Lack of market driven and adequate analysis for Mixed-Use/Commerce restrictions on residential and mixed-use flexibility and parking analysis, and
  5. Use staff or consultant to recommend goals and actions for GP Update and Land Use Policies.

Staff has already commenced the initial steps towards the anticipated 3-year General Plan Update and mandated next Housing Element cycle, which includes collection of background data, including existing 2005 General Plan policies and actions and any other policy considerations during the planning period. The components of the General Plan Refinement project including land use and policy changes and infill principles will be included for discussion during the General Plan Update civic engagement process. Staff and the Planning Commission recommend incorporating the components of the General Plan Refinement as part of the comprehensive analysis of the 2021 General Plan Update, which as noted previously in Part One of this report would return for Council direction in April 2019.