Status of Montalvo Community Service District (Wastewater)

This is informational purposes only for those customers who are being serviced by the MCSD as mentioned above.

Montalvo Community Services District (MCSD) is a sanitation district created in 1955 to service the sewer sanitation needs of the Montalvo community. In 2015, MCSD entered into an agreement with the City of Ventura which provided that, among other things, the City would begin treating Montalvo’s sewage beginning in early 2016, and by the end of 2018, the City would take over the remaining MCSD operations. MCSD entered into this agreement with the City in order to avoid the substantial costs of replacement of its outdated collection and treatment facilities.

As a customer and ratepayer of MCSD, Montalvo residents have not experienced any change in service since the agreement with the City was entered into. The most significant change will be at the end of 2018 when sewer charges will cease to be placed on the tax rolls (where they are paid as part of your property tax bill), and you will be directly billed by the City on your bi-monthly water bill.
Starting July 1, 2017  the bimonthly rates will be $83.58 and these rates will continue until the city takes over billing @ the end of 2018

The MCSD Board of Directors continues to meet regularly on the third Wednesday of every month at noon at the Community Partners Room located on the second floor of 801 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura CA, 93003.   Please feel free to join in.

Any further questions contact Lauren Polk @ 805.642.2618 or email

(Shared with permission from Marilyn Irkliewskij, MCSD Director)