Summer Concert Series

The first free concert of the Montalvo Square Shopping Center Summer Concert Series was a major success!  The weather was perfect, the crowd was plentiful, and everyone was in good spirits.  Many people even got on their feet and danced!  Montalvoites are encouraged to enjoy this family friendly event that is in easy walking distance.  Check out the upcoming dates below.


Planning Commission 6.15.16

On May 11, 2016 some passionate Montalvoites attended the Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall and spoke before the commissioners.  They expressed their concern about the possibility of a code change that would allow-drive thru establishments within the Victoria Corridor.   Noise and light pollution, increased traffic, loose trash, individuals loitering, and CO2 emissions were some of the points addressed.  You can watch your neighbors address the Commissioners at 1:02 on the video here:

The Planning Commission revisited the code change for a second time on June 15, 2016  and your MCC board members, Mark Abbe and John Richey were there to follow up.  You can see their comments at 0:21 minutes here:

At the June 15 meeting the MCC Board was pleased to hear the passing of a motion which will:
1. Allow for drive-thru establishments (food and services) in the Victoria Corridor by Conditional Use Permit only.
2. Protect the existing  Moon Drive Overlay by not allowing any drive-thrus along this section of the Victoria Corridor.

The MCC Board is pleased that any new establishments in the Victoria Corridor will be subject to a public process wherein Montalvo and other affected residents will have the opportunity to participate, and let their voices be heard.   Most importantly they believe the recognition of the importance of the Moon Drive Overlay, and the protection of  our neighbors on Alameda Avenue from drive-thru establishments over their back fences was a great success.

Continue to follow us here and become a member (NO COST) if you’d like to stayed informed about, or better yet, be involved in the development of our neighborhood and surrounding areas.  There will be more changes to the General Plan happening in the very near future, which could impact our neighborhood a great deal.  The MCC is working diligently to protect our residents and neighborhood.  Won’t you join us?

Moon Drive Overlay

What is the Moon Drive Overlay and why does it matter?

Moon Drive Overlay
Following a 1972-73 study of the land area seen on the map above, Ventura City Council adopted a resolution in 1984 referred to as “The Moon Drive Overlay.”  The intent of the resolution is stated clearly in this document:
“It is the City Council’s intent that the redevelopment strategies for this area allow for a variety of general retail or office uses in areas proposed for commercial uses rather than transient or auto oriented uses, such as repair or storage facilities or fast-food restaurants, bars or cocktail lounges.  In order to more fully meet the objectives of these strategies, to complement existing and future commercial and residential uses, and to minimize potentially unsightly and noisy conditions, it is the intent of these strategies that all new commercial uses be compatible in character and scale with surrounding commercial and residential uses.” -Pg 3
So, why does it matter?  Currently this area has been re-zoned as T4.9 to allow up to 6 story buildings which would be imposing, and incompatible with the character of historic Montalvo.  The MCC has been working with the city planners since 2012 to make changes to the most recent General Plan which they see as necessary for the survival of our vibrant and desirable community.  The MCC is working to protect our neighborhood from high density housing, increased traffic, lack of privacy, and loss of sunlight.