VPD and Homelessness in Ventura

At the MCC Community Meeting on 6/5/18 Ventura Police Department presented the following information.


Panhandling Alternatives

24/7 Assistance Hotline
Dial 211

A presentation made by VPD to the Ventura City Council on 4/16/18 can be viewed here:

Safe and Clean – Addressing Homelessness and Chronic Vagrancy

We’ve Grown!

At the 06/05/18 MCC Community Meeting, the vote was unanimous to expand our current MCC boundaries to match that of the upcoming Voting District 6. We look forward to new ideas and participation from expanding our membership. Additionally, after the November election, we will have a city council member who represents District 6 and our specific needs and concerns. We hope to host District 6 candidates in a future MCC Public Meeting to meet and answer your questions. More to come!

MCC 2018 Bounderies

Find out more about the new Ventura voting districts coming later this year!

City Of Ventura Montalvo Map

The NEW Voting District 6 includes ALL of the current Montalvo Community and expands east to Montgomery Ave., including part of the current Serra Community
per the City of Ventura Neighborhood map:
The green area is the previous unincorporated Montalvo area
(prior to September 2012)

Ventura Planning Communities Map_Montalvo