New Hill Rd Library

Sunday, December 3, 2017 –

12:00pm to 2:00pm

Imagine…a new East Ventura library! Ventura County Library is pleased to announce the grand opening event of the new Hill Road Library in Ventura. This special event will include:

  • Library information and tours
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 12:30 pm
  • BBQ compliments of Ventura Downtown Lions Club
  • Performance by the Rubicon Harmonix
  • Fun for the whole family

Ventura County Library Website:

VC Star Article:

MCC Annual Community Meeting

Tuesday, December 5
Lighthouse Church, 6200 Montalvo Dr

Join us for this important meeting which will include presentations by Ventura Police Department and CAPS media, a year-in-review, and elections for the following MCC board positions:

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and General Council. The Chair is the official spokesperson and representative for the Council.
MCC Board recommendation: Mark Abbe

The Treasurer will have access to and custody of all funds of the Council and accept and expend funds as directed by a majority vote of the Executive Board or General Council at any official meeting. The Treasurer shall also present a quarterly Treasurer’s report at all General and Board meetings, prepare a year-end financial statement, prepare and file all tax forms, and make the books available for audit as directed by the Board.
MCC Board recommendation: Betsey Holt

Board Member At-Large
Duties will vary as needed.
MCC Board recommendation: Dan Farmer

Nominees will consist of a slate of nominees selected by a nominating committee together with persons nominated from the floor during the Annual Meeting. A person nominated from the floor must be present to accept the nomination.


Ventura’s Water Supply

If you are interested in the issue of the water supply for Ventura, and proposed capital water projects to enhance the water supply, then you should be aware of an upcoming meeting at City hall with the Ventura Water Commission.

Scoping Meeting
City Hall Council Chambers,
501 Poli Street, Ventura, CA 93001
on November 15, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. 

Public Notice

November 1, 2017

Interested Parties

Announcement of the Availability of the Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report

Ventura Water Supply Projects

Review Period:
November 1, 2017, through December 1, 2017

The City of San Buenaventura (City of Ventura/City) has prepared a Notice of Preparation (NOP) to notify the public, responsible and trustee agencies that as the Lead Agency the City will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for implementation of the Ventura Water Supply Projects. The NOP is available for review at the City’s Clerk Office located at 501 Poli Street, Room 204, Ventura, CA 93002 online at

The City is proposing to develop new water supplies to augment its water supply portfolio consistent with the City’s recently completed 2017 Comprehensive Water Resources Report (CWRR) and 2015 Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP). The EIR will analyze certain water supply alternatives outlined in the CWRR and UWMP including maximizing potable reuse of recycled water through implementation of the VenturaWaterPure Project, accessing imported water through the State Water Interconnection Project, providing groundwater treatment, and implementing an ocean desalination facility.

The City of Ventura is soliciting the views of responsible and trustee agencies, as well as other members of the public, including interested persons, organizations, and agencies, as to the scope and content of the environmental information to be evaluated in the EIR. The complete NOP contains more information on the project including figures showing the general location of the proposed facilities. The EIR will be used by the City Council when considering approval of the projects and any related discretionary approvals, as well as by state and federal agencies in considering discretionary permits and approvals for project(s) implementation.

All comments to the NOP are due no later than December 1, 2017. Please send your comments to the mailing address or email address shown below. Include a return address or email address and a contact name in your agency or group with your comments.

City of Ventura
Gina Dorrington,
501 Poli Street, Room 120
Ventura, CA 93002-0099

scoping meeting will be held to receive comments regarding the scope and content of the EIR. The scoping meeting will include a brief presentation providing an overview of the proposed water supply projects and the CEQA process. After the presentation, oral comments will be accepted. Written comment forms will be supplied for those who wish to submit comments in writing at the scoping meetings. Written comments also may be submitted any time prior to the NOP comment due date. The scoping meeting will be held at City Hall Council Chambers, 501 Poli Street, Ventura, CA 93001 on November 15, 2017 at 6:00 P.M. 

District Based City Council Elections

The threat of a California Voting Rights Act violation has brought about some big changes for future city council elections in Ventura.  See the article and websites below to find out more about how you can have a voice in the formation of new district boundaries.  Deadline for map submissions is November 17, 2017.

VC Star article:

Info & Frequently Asked Questions:

Water Well Information

Please see the previous post regarding this matter here.

In an email received 9/12/17:

Hello Montalvo community members,

Thank you for attending our informational meeting last Tuesday to discuss the Mound Well No. 3 project.  Community involvement is one of the most important aspects of the environmental review process, so we appreciated having such a good group of engaged citizens.

We received the following specific questions during our meeting and within follow up emails.

     1. Hydrology study

Preliminary Hydro Report_Mound_3-30-15

     2. Antenna specs – transmitting or receiving, frequency, directional or omni, type of antenna

The radio operates within the 900 Mhz range.  Due to security reasons, we cannot provide the exact frequency the City will operate on. However the Public Works Department has assured us that the radio signal transmission/receiving will be within what the law allows for public utility operations.  The antenna will be a directional yagi antenna, and will be pointed toward one of the City’s master radios for data collection.  Regarding the alternative possibility of using cable and wifi options, cable is not used because the City could not control the infrastructure and would have no control over outages and repairs.  Wifi is not used as the network and maintenance costs would be too great at this time, due to the current data requirements for well operation.

     3. CEQA report

See Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration below.  A copy can also be viewed in City Hall Room 117.

Final Mound Well 3 – IS-MND_Feb 2017

  1. Exact dB and frequency of pump sound

This is a copy of the City’s current Noise Ordinance.
Sec. 10.650.110._Noise Regulations_General-1

The City/Contractor will strictly adhere to this ordinance.

To help address people’s curiosity about noise from the pump/motor, Chris Dejarme is organizing a small “field-trip” to Saticoy Well No. 3 which was constructed in 2015.  This well should give anyone curious about noise a good first-hand experience of the noise generated by the pump once operational.

Chris should have already sent out a separate email, but he will open the facility on Wednesday, September 13th from 10:00-10:30 AM.  The site is located at 11183 Aster Street, Ventura, CA 93004.  Please note this is an industrial facility, so please use extreme caution and adhere to safety measures once onsite.  Please contact Chris Dejarme CC’ed on this email for more info regarding the field-trip.

  1. Light Pollution study

No light pollution study was conducted as the City is not planning on installing any lighting other than what you would normally find in a residential neighborhood.  Prior to installation of any lighting, the City’s Building & Safety Department will review the final plan and ensure that everything is within code.  Additional info on lighting can be found in the Aesthetics Section of the attached CEQA report.

  1. Where to direct concerns

You can direct your questions/concerns with regards to environmental impacts to me/Sespe, up to the day of the Administrative Hearing which is now scheduled for October 3, 2017.  The Planning Department has not yet opened up a formal portal for submitting comments directly to them, but any comments we received beforehand will be passed on once they do.  I will be sure to let everyone know as soon as this portal opens up.

You can direct technical questions and other general questions to Chris Dejarme of the City of Ventura

A point of clarification from the information provided at last Tuesday’s meeting, well drilling will need to be conducted around the clock for a few days, as once this process begins it cannot stop until the well is completely drilled.  During this process, a large sound curtain/wall will be placed around the entire drill site to attenuate noise during this activity.    The remaining construction activities (installation of pre-fabricated building, installation of other appurtenances, etc.) will occur during daytime hours.

Sound Curtain-Wall Image 1Sound Curtain-Wall Image 2

Please be aware, the Administrative Hearing for the project has been postponed until Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 4:00 in the afternoon at Santa Cruz Room, City Hall, 501 Poli Street, Ventura, CA.

Thank you, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to either myself or Chris Dejarme if you have additional questions/concerns.

Graham Stephens
Sespe Consulting, Inc.
374 Poli St., Ste. 200 • Ventura, CA 93001
Office: (805) 275-1515
Cell: (805) 794-4870


Proposed Water Pump Project

UPDATE    IMG_6012

The informational meeting was well attended and many thoughtful questions were posed.  The consultant for this project is available for questions, comments or concerns.

Graham Stephens
Environmental Professional I
805.275.1515 X 121

Sespe Consulting was kind enough to provide their presentation slides:
SA07_Mound Well_Montalvo Council Meeting PPT_fnl

We are waiting to receive more information, and will update as soon as possible.
The Administrative hearing for this project has been postponed to October 3, 2017.


Water well and pump proposed in Montalvo.

The Montalvo Community Council will host an
Informational Meeting
Tuesday, September 5
Lighthouse Church- 6500 Montalvo Dr

A representative from Ventura Public Works will make a presentation and answer questions regarding the proposed water well project.  Please join us to find out more.

Read full details here:

MoundWell3-Projectfacts (1)




Victoria Ave. & Moon Dr. Development Project goes before City Design Review Committee (09/06/17) 6pm

In an effort to keep the Montalvo Community informed of upcoming developments, please review the site proposal that will be before the City (DRC) Design Review Committee 09/06/17 6pm. This meeting would be an opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about or speak to the upcoming proposed project.

Meeting info can be found here after 8/25/17

Any comments or questions can be directed to the property owner, Mr. Peter Goldenring, who said he would be happy to receive communication.

Peter Goldenring
Goldenring & Prosser, APLC
6050 Seahawk Street
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (805) 642-6702
Fax (805) 642-3145

Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (1)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (2)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (3)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (4)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (5)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (6)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (7)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (8)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (9)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (10)Victoria Ave._Moon Dr. Development (11)


City of Ventura – Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance (08/04/17)

From: “Ward, David” <>
Date: Aug 4, 2017 8:34 AM
Subject: City of Ventura – Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance

Good Morning. You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in the City’s “ADU” ordinance.

Please note that an Errata Memo No.1 for Agenda Item #4 is now posted online.  The errata memo contains information related to Attachment B.  It is the redline version (strike-through and underline) of the proposed Ordinance Amendment.  Below are the two different hyperlinks to access the document:    

Through the updated agenda:

To view the Errata Memo only:

This redline version provides an alternative method to review the Draft Ordinance already contained in the published PC Staff Report. While the Errata is voluminous, please note the actual changes are small as you will see right away by flipping through the pages. For example if only one term ADU is inserted on only one page, it may be within existing code section that when shown in full is several pages long with remain unchanged. We used yellow highlights to try to make these edits jump out as you make your way through it.

As a reminder, on the Agenda’s first page is the methods to provide written comment with due date of Monday at 5 pm with number of copies necessary and page limit as well as written comment on the hearing date of August 9th itself, also with page limit and number of copies for you to bring to the hearing.

If you attend to speak at the hearing, there are public speaker card to fill out in the front of chambers. There are also comment cards to provide a short comment if you prefer not to speak but want to share your opinion on the ordinance. The Planning Commission welcomes both approaches to engage in the public hearing process.

See you on Wednesday night!

Dave Ward, AICP
Community Development Planning Manager
City of Ventura
501 Poli Street
Ventura, CA 93001
805.677.3964 office
805.654.7560 fax

“Collaborating with our Neighbors to Create a Thriving, Prosperous, Safe and Sustainable Ventura.”

City of Ventura Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Draft Ordinance Release (07/28/17)

From: “Ward, David” <>
Date: Jul 28, 2017 10:03 PM
Subject: City of Ventura Accessory Dwelling Unit Draft Ordinance Release

Good Evening

You are receiving this email because you have expressed interest in the adoption of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance.

You may review the Planning Commission Staff Report and Draft Ordinance by clicking here:

ADU is Item No. 4 on the agenda. Please note on the first page of the agenda is an informational box that describes how you can participate in the public hearing process and methods to provide input if you cannot attend the hearing on August 9th. The Planning Commission does value your interest (as does staff) so I hope you can participate.

Couple of notes as you review the Staff Report and attachments:

  • The 11 page staff report highlights the major provisions of the ADU standards and gives rationale and context to the proposed standards.
  • Most attachments are maps and graphics
  • The Ordinance is Attachment B, contained as Exhibit A of the PC Resolution. While it is about 25 pages, note that the standards are in the first 8 pages; the rest of the pages are all the different zoning regulations across numerous documents (Development Codes) that must be updated with ADU term and then remove old 2nd unit regulations. Therefore if you read through the 8 pages you are informed of the new rules, but you are welcome to read the rest to understand each Development Code that is updated.
  • One attachment is the summary of fees that was contained in the Update Email from last week. No fees or amounts have changed, it is just provided in a different graphical format.
  • Public Comment letters are the ones I received during the Interim Ordinance process.

I hope you find the report informative and helpful as you engage in adoption process. While the August 9th hearing has this item as No. 4, the earlier items may move rather quickly.

Thank you

Dave Ward

City of Ventura Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance – Update No. 2 (7/21/17)

From: “Ward, David” <>
Date: Jul 21, 2017 2:38 PM
Subject: City of Ventura Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance — Update No. 2

Greetings –

You are receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in the City’s development of the permanent Accessory Dwelling Unit “ADU” Ordinance in Ventura. I had anticipated an additional update prior to this one, but unfortunately with workload on previously directed City ordinances and trying to fit in the unexpected ADU ordinance taken longer to complete this effort and now the goal is trying to finalize and get into adoption process. However, staff is nearly there!

Hearing Dates

The Planning Commission will consider the ADU ordinance on August 9th. You will all get an email announcement and that will link you to the staff report and methods to engage with the Planning Commission on either July 28th or 31st.  The Planning Commission will complete technical review of the ordinance and provide recommendation to the City Council. I am targeting September 18th as the City Council hearing, but that could slip a week or two, depending on what happens at the Planning Commission. Our Planning Commission welcomes participation through letters and through comment or speaker cards during the hearing itself.

ADU Standards

The forthcoming Planning Commission report will contain a summary of the ordinance components, highlighting policy consistency and key standards for the Planning Commission to advise staff and the City Council, plus attachments will helpful information related to our analysis effort. In general, the standards will contain the following:

  • do keep the unit size at a maximum of 750 square feet but we have incorporated the increased lot coverage and “rear yard” coverages when an ADU is sought;
  • height standards match the primary unit height if attached, 14 feet if detached in a rear yard, and only allows a 2nd story if on existing garage per the state law;
  • design/compatibility standards for rear or side facing windows on an 2nd story with translucent glazing and limited window opening to help with privacy on adjacent lots;
  • replacement parking for a converted garage while can be uncovered and tandem, will not be allowed on open space areas (so on driveways);
  • parking for the ADU will be rarely required due to the availability of public transit within ½ mile of the property;
  • building separation of 10 feet is maintained but there may be methods to reduce based upon case by case assessment of the Fire and Building Code; and lastly
  • the owner-occupant standard is retained to allow the Planning Commission to hear from the community and provide direction but the comments received have remained at about 60/40  split with the dominant voice to not have this requirement.

Regarding Historic Districts:  an ADU will be possible but not under ministerial review. Depending on the guidelines of the specific district, Historic Preservation Committee and Design Review Committee review will be required. However, the review will be limited to colors, materials or architectural features, not the ADU standards which would be addressed only by staff for code compliance.

Regarding Coastal Zone:  Only the Downtown Specific Plan and a portion of the Midtown Corridors Development Code allow for “carriage houses” that will now be called ADUs. Once we adopt the new permanent ADU regulations the City will need to submit this to the Coastal Commission before they are effective. This means we will need to extend the Interim Urgency Ordinance until this step is completed, likely 9-12 months.

RPD (residential planned development) Zones:  This is my last area of analysis because each of these zones were developed with specific standards such as lot coverage, setbacks or use restrictions than exist in other residential zones. It is possible in these areas we might excludes ADUs or possibly require discretionary approvals in order to evaluate at the time. As this is still a work in progress, you will need to read the PC Report and draft ordinance  when released to see how this is ultimately addressed.

ADU Fees

The forthcoming Planning Commission report will summarize the fees, but the adoption of fees is a City Council action, not Planning Commission. We are still evaluating part of the fees because it is very complex and has legal implications. However I know that this is number one question you have all been asking about so I will try to give some details on this.

We have processed only a couple of ADUs under the Interim Ordinance and therefore can share with you how the current costs have broken down. In general there is the a “75% of the standard fee” that has been used. This means the costs of an ADU as compared to a new single family home is reduced, with is the intent of the State Law.  Depending on whether the ADU is a conversion of existing structure (detached garage or converting portion of existing primary home) with NO added square feet or a NEW ADU (attached or detached), it is the later that triggers the added fee associated with the Water Net Zero fee.  Below are examples of recent fees applied to give you an idea, with the single family fees last to give you a comparison; generally about 52% reduction.

There may still be adjustments on the fee amounts as I finalize my work with our legal team.

This is the most recent permit that was issued for a “new” ADU :

Fee Name Date Fee Type Amount
Water Net Zero Fee (City) 6/20/2017 Calculated 7408
Sewer Service Connection Fee 4/12/2017 Calculated 3570.75
Traffic Mitigation Impact Fee 4/12/2017 Calculated 3145
Public Park Mitigation Fee – Grany Flat 4/12/2017 Calculated 1525
z8-1-11 Fire Fac & Equip Mitigation per MH Fee 4/19/2017 Calculated 613
B-Service Area Park Mitigation Fee 5/15/2017 Calculated 371
z8-1-11 Capitol Improvement Program per MH Fee 4/19/2017 Calculated 359
z8-1-11 Parks & Recreation Mobile Home Pad Fee 4/19/2017 Calculated 359
z7-1-16 Mobile Home Set Up Fee 4/19/2017 Fixed 349
Planning Plan Check Fee 4/6/2017 Fixed 178
LD Plan Check – Alt./Add. – Res. 4/12/2017 Fixed 166
z7-1-16 Plan Check Fee 4/3/2017 Calculated 155
Fire Prevention Plan Check Fee 4/21/2017 Calculated 124
z7-1-16 Archival Of Approved Plans Fee 4/19/2017 Calculated 96
z4-1-12 GIS Building Footprint Update Fee 4/19/2017 Calculated 37
z7-1-16 Technology Fee 4/3/2017 Calculated 36.12
General Plan 5 Percent 4/3/2017 Fixed 25.8
State Strong Motion Instrumentation Fee 4/3/2017 Calculated 19.5
z7-1-16 Permit Issuance Fee 4/3/2017 Fixed 12
State SB 1473 Building Standards Fee 4/3/2017 Adjustable 6
State AB 717 Certification & Training Fee 4/3/2017 Fixed 4

These are fees for most recent garage conversion to ADU (with NO NEW sq.ft. added):

Fee Name Date Fee Type Amount
Sewer Service Connection Fee 5/29/2017 Calculated 3570.75
Traffic Mitigation Impact Fee 5/29/2017 Calculated 3145
Public Park Mitigation Fee – Grany Flat 5/29/2017 Calculated 1525
z7-1-13 Capitol Improvement Program Fee 5/19/2017 Fixed 1104
z7-1-13 Fire Fac & Equip Mitigation Fee 5/19/2017 Fixed 842
z7-1-13 Parks & Rec Dwelling Fee 5/19/2017 Fixed 628
Service Area Parks Mitigation Fee 6/20/2017 Calculated 610
z7-1-16 Plan Check Fee 5/19/2017 Calculated 481.17
1-1-14 Building Permit Fee 6/20/2017 Calculated 310.43
LD Plan Check – New Constr. – 1 Single Family Res. 5/29/2017 Fixed 166
Fire Prevention Plan Check Fee 5/30/2017 Calculated 124
Planning Plan Check Fee 5/23/2017 Calculated 95
z7-1-16 Archival Of Approved Plans Fee 6/20/2017 Calculated 64
z7-1-16 Technology Fee 5/19/2017 Calculated 56.25
General Plan 5 Percent 5/19/2017 Fixed 40.18
z7-1-16 Permit Issuance Fee 5/19/2017 Fixed 12
State AB 717 Certification & Training Fee 5/19/2017 Fixed 4
State SB 1473 Building Standards Fee 5/19/2017 Adjustable 1
State Strong Motion Instrumentation Fee 5/19/2017 Calculated 0.5

As a comparison, the following are the fees for a new single family home on a vacant lot (with a ¾” meter):

Fee Name Date Fee Type Amount
Water Net Zero Fee (city) 2/28/2017 Calculated 10847.37
Traffic Mitigation Impact Fee 1/4/2017 Calculated 5245
Sewer Service Connection Fee 1/4/2017 Calculated 4761
Public Park Mitigation Fee – Residential 1/4/2017 Calculated 3050
Water Service Connection Fee 1/4/2017 Calculated 3016
z8-1-11 Parks & Rec 4 or More Bedroom Dwelling Fee 1/9/2017 Calculated 1887
z7-1-16 Plan Check Fee 10/7/2016 Calculated 1483.08
Sewer Capacity Deficiency Fee – Ventura Ave 1/4/2017 Calculated 1369
z7-1-13 Capitol Improvement Program Fee 10/7/2016 Fixed 1288
z7-1-13 Fire Fac & Equip Mitigation Fee 10/7/2016 Fixed 823
Service Area Parks Mitigation Fee 1/9/2017 Calculated 610
z7-1-16 Technology Fee 10/7/2016 Calculated 280.99
General Plan 5 Percent 10/7/2016 Fixed 200.71
Planning Plan Check Fee 11/7/2016 Calculated 190
z7-1-16 Archival Of Approved Plans Fee 1/9/2017 Calculated 176
LD Plan Check – New Constr. – 1 Single Family Res. 1/4/2017 Fixed 163
z4-1-12 GIS Building Footprint Update Fee 1/9/2017 Calculated 37
State Strong Motion Instrumentation Fee 10/7/2016 Calculated 25.12
z7-1-16 Permit Issuance Fee 10/7/2016 Fixed 12
State SB 1473 Building Standards Fee 10/7/2016 Adjustable 7.73
State AB 717 Certification & Training Fee 10/7/2016 Fixed