MCC Community Meeting (3/20/18)

03-20-18 MCC Agenda
MCC Community Meeting (Open to the public and neighboring communities)
6:30pm – 8:15pm
(**not our usual Four-Square Church meeting place**)
Seed Communities Church 2734 Johnson Dr., Ventura, CA 93003

6:30p Welcome
6:35p-7:00p Ventura Police Department Presentation/Update
– District 6 Crime Report
7:00p-7:30 Ventura City Council Member Speaker – Christy Weir
– Various issues, including New Voting Districts (Montalvo District 6) & in Pipeline Projects in our district (Johnson Dr.)
7:30-7:50p Discussion on Future Montalvo Community Council Boundary Expansion
based upon the New 2018 Ventura District-Based Election Map
7:50-8:00p Upcoming General Plan Changes  It’s finally here!
-Discuss highlights the proposed General Plan Refinement updates for the Victoria Corridor & Montalvo Adoption By Ventura Planning Commission/City Council
Coming This Spring!
Please read the MCC response to the upcoming
2018 Ventura General Plan Refinement
8:00-8:05p Montalvo Recycling Fundraiser – Dan Farmer
Montalvo Recycled Aluminum Drive (MRAD)
8:05p-8:15p Wrap Up
May 1st Next MCC Public Meeting (Tentative)
MCC Zone 6
New Ventura Election Map Zone 6 (& proposed Montalvo Community Council boundaries)


Northbank Apartments

Large development set to break ground in 2018 at the corner of Johnson Dr and Northbank.

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“…The council approved a zone change that clears the way for 306 apartments to be built at Johnson and North Bank drives. The roughly 8-acre site is near Highway 101, the Santa Clara River and a Motel 6.

The units will range from 668 square-foot studios to three-bedroom units that are 1,759 square feet, according to the city’s staff report.

The council approved the zone change on a 5-2 vote, with Mayor Neal Andrews and council member Christy Weir opposed. Both expressed concern with traffic and Andrews felt the project was too dense.

Weir said the lack of park space bothered her — the quarter-acre public park was small for the number of children expected to live in the complex and and they wouldn’t really be able to walk to any park nearby, she said —  as did the height of the buildings that blocked mountain views from the freeway and the city’s uncertain water supply.

But a council majority and several who spoke agreed the project offered badly needed housing and would help activate a part of the city that has languished in recent years, particularly as The Collection at RiverPark in Oxnard has flourished.

“I welcome the addition of workforce housing,” council member Erik Nasarenko said.

Ventura Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Stephanie Caldwell said the addition of residents could help revitalize an area that soon could be home to thriving restaurants, shops and services.

“The city needs a win. We need progress,” she said.

Ravello Holdings, the developer, will include 19 units for low and very low-income populations. In the city’s housing element, its blueprint for ensuring it has enough housing types to accommodate all income levels, the site was identified as having 55 units for the lowest earners. But the city has other sites identified to make up the difference, the December staff report to the Planning Commission notes.

Ravello will also pay $2.4 million in water fees, money that will help the city develop new sources of water. If a development lacks its own water source or rights, the city charges an “in-lieu” fee, which is based on the amount of water a development is expected to use. The fee was $26,457 per acre-foot when it was approved in June 2016.”

-Excerpt from VC Star Article

Full report here:

Design Review Report here:

Opinion piece regarding riverfront access:

“In the near future, many buildings are coming to the corner of Johnson and North Bank Drive in East Ventura (at the Hwy. 101 exit).  A project currently proposed and under review by the city of Ventura contains 300-plus apartments and retail stores in the now empty lot.   The project is adjacent to the Santa Clara River but contains no amenities to integrate or acknowledge the river’s ecological value. In fact, hundreds of acres of the river in the immediate vicinity are held by The Nature Conservancy with the intent of making them part of the future public Santa Clara River Parkway. The Nature Conservancy has been performing riparian and native plant restoration, endangered species recovery, and promoting sustainable environmental practices at this location for years. How often does a municipality have an international nonprofit group gifting a huge asset to them?  It’s more than puzzling that there is no city vision in the building project; it’s a major failing.

Visionary planning on this project would include some amenities consistent with the Santa Clara River Parkway at this urban-nature interface. Obvious examples include:

Multipurpose stormwater detention basin/outdoor amphitheater.  All new building projects are required to contain urban drainage from a 1.5-year frequency storm on-site (to reduce water pollution into surface streams). In this location, the detention basin could be designed as a dry-weather amphitheater and used for public education,  nature programs, outdoor cultural festivals or specialized sports events. Wouldn’t this be a great location to start/end a bike race or hold a bird-a-thon? Revenue from events could support the facility maintenance.

Series of educational kiosks.  Public kiosks highlighting the ecology of the river in the immediate area are the minimum inexpensive amenity in this urban-nature interface.  Kiosks could explain topics such as effects of urbanization on the environment, wealth of rare plant and animal wildlife present, surface water and groundwater issues and the connection to the region, such as the estuary.

Eco-oriented commercial areas: seasonal or permanent.  The project should expand on the adjacent existing bike path and linear park by incorporating areas reserved for small business such as bicycle services, farm produce market or entertainment/refreshment vendors. Find out about a similar situation at the Frog Spot on the Elysian Valley bike path along the LA River at

Most importantly, this is the ideal time to plan and provide for consistent amenities between the proposed project and the Olivas Park Drive extension. The two locations are extremely close to each other, are both river-adjacent, and have superb potential to add value to the environmental stewardship of the area.  Let’s have a non-vehicular route and Parkway-consistent amenities between the projects such as wildlife and scenic viewpoints, picnic areas, educational kiosks and more.”


Montalvo Community 2017 Highlights

January – Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 1/24/2017
Presentation by Mr. Peter Goldenring for proposed project for a Starbucks Drive-thru near the north-west corner property of Victoria & Moon (where DW’s Country Cafe currently is). Followed by Q&A DW’s Country Cafe currently is). Followed by Q&A

Mr. Kim presented his proposal for a Senior Care/Dementia Care facility at south-west corner (3 parcels) of Alameda & 8th Street. Followed by Q&A

Some passionate Montalvoites later attended the City Planning Commission Meeting

February –  Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 2/28/2017
Cpl. Munger of the Ventura Police Department will be gave us a crime update on the area. We asked about how Neighborhood Watch works.

Presentation by Dave Ward, AICP City of Ventura Community Development Planning Manager to present info on the Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance (ADUs) which replaces the “second units” ordinance. Followed by Q&A

March – Montalvo Sidewalks Funded!
The city of Ventura’s proposal for a “safe route to school” in our neighborhood has been funded to the tune of 1.38 million dollars.

May & June – Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall 5/11/17 & 6/15/17
Some passionate Montalvoites attended the Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall and spoke before the commissioners.  They expressed their concern about the possibility of a code change that would allow-drive thru establishments within the Victoria Corridor.   Noise and light pollution, increased traffic, loose trash, individuals loitering, and CO2 emissions were some of the points addressed.
At the June 15 meeting the MCC Board was pleased to hear the passing of a motion which will:
1. Allow for drive-thru establishments (food and services) in the Victoria Corridor by Conditional Use Permit only.
2. Protect the existing Moon Drive Overlay by not allowing any drive-thrus along this section of the Victoria Corridor.

June – Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 6/6/2017
Commander Payne of the Ventura Police Department will be gave us a crime update on the area.

General Plan Refinement Proposal for Montalvo & Victoria Corridor (latest iteration) presented by Ventura Planning Staff. This issue will be going to the City of Ventura Planning Commission most likely in July, and to City Council in September (it has not yet). This also included height requirements along The Victoria Corridor.

Ventura Community Development Director Spoke about the AutoCenter Specific Sign Plan with Video Presentation and Q&A discussion.

July – Water Rate Increase 7/1/17
Rate increase form Sewer Service now being provided by the City of Ventura

September – New Hill Rd. Library Opens

September – Montalvo Community Council Public Meeting 9/5/2017
A representative from Ventura Public Works made a presentation and answered questions regarding the proposed water well (Mound Well No. 3) project behind the church. The attendees had a brief site visit. We were later invited to a the running Saticoy Pump some weeks later for a site visit. Water Well Information

October – Administrative Hearing for Mound Well No. 3 At City Hall  10/17/2017
Some passionate Montalvoites attended the City Hall Meeting to voice their sound and safety concerns for the project. Water Well Information

November – MCC Shares City of Ventura’s District Map Proposal 11/26/17
Public Hearings at City Hall 12/4/17 & 12/11/17
To be discussed at December’s MCC Community Meeting

December – MCC Annual Community Meeting 12/5/17

Montalvo Crime Report

Good news. Crime in Montlavo is down!

Commander Dickey of the Ventura Police Department shared this report with the attendees of this week’s Montalvo Community Council (public) meeting. He also answered questions from the attendees.

Report all suspicious activity or persons

If your incident is an emergency, call 911. If non-emergency call 805-339-4400 or 805-650-8010 (24/7 non-emergency dispatch number).

MCC Mtg Police Dec. 2017

Interactive Crime Map & Reporting Districts

Some Crime Prevention Tips from the Ventura PD

NEW City of Ventura District-Based Election Map (Update)

December 18th Update:  City Council unanimously selected Map 11 Revised as the City of Ventura District-Based Election Map, determined sequencing as 2018 Election (Districts 1, 4, 5 and 6) and 2020 Election (District 2, 3 and 7), and Introduced Ordinance Implementing District-Based Elections.  

December 4th update: Council Narrows the Focus to Four Maps

On December 4th, the City Council unanimously decided to narrow the list of maps down to four maps: Revised Map11 and existing Maps 16, 22, and 23.

Use this link to view all Maps on the online interactive viewer to view the Focus Maps.
2017 MONTALVO DISTRICT 6 MAPNew Proposed Montlavo Voting District #6 for the 2018 Election

2017 VENTURA DISTRICT MAPNEW Proposed City of Ventura District-Based Election Map Zones

More information about this vote can be found on The VC Star’s website:


MCC Annual Community Meeting

Montalvo Logo
Montalvo Community Council (Public Meeting/Election)
Tuesday, January 23 6:30-8:15pm
Lighthouse Church, 6200 Montalvo Dr

(Meeting was postponed from 12/05/17 Due to the Thomas Fire)

Join us for this important meeting which will include presentations by Ventura Police Department and CAPS media, a year-in-review, and elections for the following MCC board positions:

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and General Council. The Chair is the official spokesperson and representative for the Council.
MCC Board recommendation: Mark Abbe

The Treasurer will have access to and custody of all funds of the Council and accept and expend funds as directed by a majority vote of the Executive Board or General Council at any official meeting. The Treasurer shall also present a quarterly Treasurer’s report at all General and Board meetings, prepare a year-end financial statement, prepare and file all tax forms, and make the books available for audit as directed by the Board.
MCC Board recommendation: Betsey Holt

Board Member At-Large
Duties will vary as needed.
MCC Board recommendation: Dan Farmer

Nominees will consist of a slate of nominees selected by a nominating committee together with persons nominated from the floor during the Annual Meeting. A person nominated from the floor must be present to accept the nomination.


Community Meeting
6:30pm – 8:15pm
Location: Lighthouse Foursquare Church
Meeting called by: MCC Board

6:30p Welcome

MCC 2017 Activity Year End Highlights

6:40p-7:00p Ventura Police Department Montalvo Update
7:00p-7:15 Ventura CAPS Presentation
7:15-7:35 Surfrider Foundation Presentation
(See info below)


7:35-7:45p Montalvo Recycling Fundraiser – Dan Farmer  


7:45-8:00p (2017) MCC Board Elections (Postponed from December due to Fires)
Board Chair, Treasurer, & Member At-Large seats are up for election to all Only current MCC members can vote or run for offices.
8:00-8:15p Discuss Future MCC Border Expansion

[Open Forum]

Discuss any public questions for the MCC Board

Discuss what the community would like to see the council do for the neighborhood.

Think of topics for future meetings.


Date TBD Next MCC Public Meeting

SurfRider Handout

2018 Surfrider campaigns links rev-rdc

District Maps

Dear Community Partner,
The City of Ventura is pleased to announce that 33 draft maps were submitted to National Demographics Corporation for consideration of the City’s district maps.

The maps are available to view on the City’s website at

We need your feedback and involvement in the next steps at the two remaining Public Hearings, so please consider attending:

  • Public Hearing #3, on December 4, 2017 at 6 pm, City Hall
    City Council meeting to hear input on the draft district maps and to discuss which districts will have election in 2018 and which in 2020.
  • Public Hearing #4 on December 11, 2017 at 6 pm, City Hall
    City Council meeting to select a district map and introduction of an ordinance to transition to district based City Council elections.

An ordinance to establish the district boundaries is slated for adoption by January 14, 2018, and will be effective for the 2018 Election.

Your participation is very important to us and we look forward to hearing your comments.

Kelly Flanders
Communications Manager
City Manager’s Office, City of Ventura
501 Poli Street, Ventura, CA 93002
(805) 677-3993