Wildfire Policy Reform Meeting

On April 12, Gov. Newsom released a proposed roadmap – created by the strike team he assembled in February – that examines key actions the state must take to address wildfire threats, protect California’s economy and help meet the state’s clean energy goals.

You can read the Governor’s report here:
Governor’s report

Gov. Newsom has asked the legislature to take action on the findings from this report before the July 12 recess.

Additionally, the Commission on Catastrophic Wildfire Cost and Recovery, established by 2018’s Senate Bill 901, will be hosting a meeting in the community of Ventura on April 29 to explore and provide recommendations on various wildfire policy reforms. As the first meeting following the release of the strike team report, the Commission is expected to examine its findings and proposals. The live stream link can be found on the Commission’s website the day of the meeting.

Your continued engagement with your elected leaders on these proposed solutions will be essential to a fair and positive outcome. We look forward to keeping you informed of actions you can take to stay engaged and support practical policy solutions that address the wildfire issue.

[The full text of this post is copied from a letter composed by Chris Thompson, Vice President, Local Public Affairs, Southern California Edison ]