7.18.16 City Council Meeting

UPDATE:  On a 7-0 vote last night, the City Council approved the Planning Commission’s June recommendation regarding drive-throughs, two story minimums & conditional use permits along the Victoria Corridor. This is a small victory for our community! Drive-Throughs and story  minimum buildings will be prohibited along the Moon Drive Overlay (area butting up to the Alameda St residences). Single stories (min 20’) will now be allowed. Conditional Use Permits ensure that every proposal goes through the community and planning process. Nothing is allowed ‘by right’ and without our input.


Meeting: City Council

Monday, July 18, 2016
Time: 06:00 pm
Where: Council Chambers, 501 Poli Street, Ventura, CA

Agenda Item 6: Victoria Avenue Corridor Ordinance Amendment


See the Administrative Report here: 07.08.16 Item 06_Moon Dr. Abridged

A couple of months ago, your MCC Board attended City Planning Meetings and asked that this measure exclude the Moon Drive Overlay portion of the Victoria Corridor Plan. Overall, this appears to be a positive proposal for the Montalvo community. It changes the minimum of two stories to be reduced to single story (20’) along the Victoria Corridor. In addition, it will protect the Moon Drive Overlay area from future Drive-throughs!

We encourage folks who are in support of tonight’s Agenda Item #6 (Provided that they maintain the recommended Moon Drive Overly protection) to contact the City Council via email, phone or in writing prior to 4pm today.  Or attend tonight’s City Council Meeting and fill out a comment card or speaker card if you wish to speak.

Councilmembers may be contacted via telephone at 805-654-7827,
mail 501 Poli Street Ventura, CA 93001
or by sending an email to
council@cityofventura.net (before 4pm today)

The more of us who speak up, the stronger we are as a community.

Thank you!

John Richey
MCC Secretary


RE: Agenda Item 6: Victoria Avenue Corridor Ordinance Amendment

Dear Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Distinguished Council Members,

As a resident of the Montalvo Community, I am in support tonight’s Agenda Item 6: Victoria Avenue Corridor Ordinance Amendment (Provided that you maintain the recommended Moon Drive Overly protections). As you may know, we would like to continue to protect the Moon Drive Overlay area from incompatible development as it is adjacent to single story family homes along Alameda Ave.

Thank you,
(Name, Address)

**The Ventura General Plan meeting (the big one) originally scheduled for July 25th, 2016 has been rescheduled to Sept 19th. More on that soon.**

7/12/16 Meeting Agenda


Montalvo Community 2015-2016 General Plan Refinement Project Meeting
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Seed Communities Place of Worship
2734 Johnson Dr., Ventura, CA 93003
Meeting called by: MCC Board

6:00-6:05p [Welcome]
Please sign the guest sheet so we know how many attended.

6:05-7:00p 7:00p-7:35p [Presentation, Followed By Q&A]
Presentation on upcoming 7/25/16 2015-2016 General Plan Refinement Project by Ian Holt. He is a City Planner iholt@ci.ventura.ca.us 805-654-7752

7:00-7:35p [Open Discussion]
MCC group discussion of Ian Holt’s General Plan Amendment information and identified areas of concern by the Montalvo. MCC will take the communities comments directly to the Ventura City Council.

7:35-7:45p [MCC Updates]
MCC updates on what the board has been up to since our last public meeting 5/10/16 and info on the upcoming MCC issues and city council meetings. 7:45p-7:50p [Announcement] Info on the upcoming Community Get to Know your Neighbor Street Party from Angie Meisner

7:50-8:00p [Feedback]
Open floor for suggestions & public feedback for future MCC issues

8:00p [Wrap-up]
Close the meeting.

Additional Information:
The MCC Board invites you and we hope you can make it Tuesday evening at 6:00pm. Please invite your neighbors.

Please visit our new community blog.
Welcome To Montalvo https://montalvocc.wordpress.com/

Want to become an MCC member?
Membership applications at the above link. We welcome Home Owners, Renters and Businesses. Best of all IT’S FREE!!


Urgent Community Meeting!

Tuesday, July 12   6:00pm-8:00pm
Seed House 2734 Johnson Dr
(see map at the bottom)

Ventura City has big plans for your neighborhood! A representative from the Ventura City Planning Commission will be addressing the zoning and development changes affecting these areas:
1. Victoria Corridor from 126 to 101
2. Walmart Shopping Center
3. Neighborhoods bordering Montalvo Square (Ralphs) Shopping Center
4. Commercial/Industrial land at the South East corner of Grand Ave and Montalvo Drive (currently storage)
5. Commercial/Industrial center at the South West end of Grand Ave (currently Post Office and Carbide Saw)
6. Bristol Shopping Center (currently 7/11)
7. Montalvo neighborhood high vs low density housing
If you’d like to learn about how these changes will affect our Montalvo neighborhood, join us for this urgent meeting!!! We’re hoping to get clarification regarding building heights, commercial vs residential vs mixed use, etc. These plans have been in the works for 4 years, and now it’s finally time for our voices to be heard! Proud Montalvoites unite to protect our neighborhood, and insure a bright future for our city!!

Seed House map

Ventura City General Plan Refinements Regarding Montalvo

Our distinguished board members, John Richey and Mark Abbe, spent many hours distilling a 338 page document down to 72 pages.  The document linked below has most of the information that pertains directly to our Montalvo neighborhood.
2015-2016 General Plan Refinement_Montlavo Section

You can see the full document which contains the General Plan for the entire City of Ventura on their website.  Happy reading!