2.28.17 Public Meeting

Have you considered adding a second unit on your property?  Would you like to know more about the impact that these units will have on our city?  The rules and requirements for construction of “second units” will soon be changing. Come to this public meeting to learn more.

Public Meeting
Tuesday, 2.28.17, 7pm
Lighthouse Church, 6200 Montalvo Dr

There will be a presentation on the Accessory Dwelling Units Ordinance(ADUs) which replaces the “second units” ordinance. Ventura City has an urgency interim ordinance adopted right now, but will be working quickly this spring for adopting a permanent ordinance.  Dave Ward, the Community Development Planning Manager, will make a presentation and seek input.

This is an article about the upcoming changes:


4 thoughts on “2.28.17 Public Meeting

  1. The Star article is helpful. It seems totally wrong for the State to take away Cities’ rights to control local housing and development. There must be a way for cities to challenge the State so that local control can be maintained, as has long been the case. For example, how can the State say that there can not be an off-street parking requirement for second unit vehicles? Local planning and development regulations define each community’s character and functionality. Yes, there needs to be more low cost housing in most communities, but removing local controls for the sake of expediency is unnecessary and wrong.
    Also, note that the time signature on these posts are wrong. I posted this on 2/20/17 @ 8:30 a.m..


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