Building Heights

Are you curious as to why the MCC is so concerned about limiting the heights of any new buildings in and around our neighborhood?  Take a look at the photos below, and notice how out of scale this new two-story building looks next to an existing single story residence.  Can you imagine another story on top of that?


More importantly, check out the view from inside the office building.  The MCC is concerned about the intrusive nature of this kind of construction.


Here are two more examples of ominous and imposing structures encroaching upon single family residences in Saticoy.  The buildings below are both 3 stories in height.


If you want to have a say in the future of Montalvo, find out more about how you can help here: General Plan Refinement

4 thoughts on “Building Heights

  1. Wow, and I understand the concern for sure. It’s very difficult, because we in Montalvo are in a place of major future development, and raising values of land, which people should appreciate. However there is going to be typical sacrifice, and hard times with the future development of a city building in our area, that’s how it works. There will be no preserving enough in several years to save this area from becoming much more developed and popular. What happens will happen, and everyone will have to adapt to it over several years, it is inevitable to be a big city here eventually like Long Beach etc… all LA is moving here now like wildfire… And they are building more and more like crazy, and streets are packed with cars more and more. Montalvo is Future Beverly Hills… HAH..


  2. Our efforts paid off at this week’s City Council Meeting. While we didn’t get 100% of what we were after, we got most of it! And looks like even possibly 20% reduction of the proposed height limits along to the Moon Drive Overlay. Glad we stepped up and fought back. Appears the effort was worth it =D


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