Urgent Community Meeting!

Tuesday, July 12   6:00pm-8:00pm
Seed House 2734 Johnson Dr
(see map at the bottom)

Ventura City has big plans for your neighborhood! A representative from the Ventura City Planning Commission will be addressing the zoning and development changes affecting these areas:
1. Victoria Corridor from 126 to 101
2. Walmart Shopping Center
3. Neighborhoods bordering Montalvo Square (Ralphs) Shopping Center
4. Commercial/Industrial land at the South East corner of Grand Ave and Montalvo Drive (currently storage)
5. Commercial/Industrial center at the South West end of Grand Ave (currently Post Office and Carbide Saw)
6. Bristol Shopping Center (currently 7/11)
7. Montalvo neighborhood high vs low density housing
If you’d like to learn about how these changes will affect our Montalvo neighborhood, join us for this urgent meeting!!! We’re hoping to get clarification regarding building heights, commercial vs residential vs mixed use, etc. These plans have been in the works for 4 years, and now it’s finally time for our voices to be heard! Proud Montalvoites unite to protect our neighborhood, and insure a bright future for our city!!

Seed House map

One thought on “Urgent Community Meeting!

  1. I’m for keeping Montalvo (annexed part) a single family residential community with maximum off-street parking for all residents’ vehicles and safe bicycle and walking provisions. Thank you, Richard Sweet, 2165 Grand.


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