Victoria Corridor

What is the Victoria Corridor and why does it matter?

Victoria Corridor MAP GP2014

The Victoria Corridor, seen above, is a section of Victoria Avenue that has been marked for development by the city.  The MCC is working with the City Planning Commission to insure that the Ventura General Plan is compatible with the existing Montalvo neighborhood.  The concerns for the MCC include but are not limited to increased traffic, loss of privacy when multi story buildings have a direct view into the backyards of the homes on Alameda Avenue, and loss of sunlight caused by the large shadows cast by the  tall buildings.

This is an excerpt from the city website:
“F. Victoria Avenue – currently a wide artery with high traffic volumes and shopping centers, Victoria needs effective traffic management and pedestrian and streetscape improvements with strong attention to additional mobility options. Actions in this General Plan, along with the new Development Code, will call for revitalizing this corridor by redesigning the current array of single-use shopping centers and retail parcels with a mix of building types, uses, and public and private frontages. By eliminating “big box”, mega-block, auto-oriented strip development, and the traffic patterns it generates, Victoria Avenue could create tremendous opportunity for healthy economic investment in walkable blocks, connected to better serve surrounding neighborhoods. Creative solutions, including dedicating transit or streetcar lanes, wider sidewalks, and bike lanes could transform Victoria’s image into a regional thoroughfare of great and sophisticated diversity. All new commercial development within the Victoria Avenue corridor must follow this approach.”

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